Throughout the last two years, the most famous two applications have been used by young millennials. While steadily, Instagram pulled in over one billion active daily users, since its debut in 2016. Within eight months of its launch, TikTok has surpassed one billion downloads globally.Obtain Instagram Reels likes because that will help you to get more likes for your video. Both social media networks have entertainment factors and solid benefits. While the visuals layout of Instagram allows people to see live streams, stories, videos, and images from their most favorite Instagram accounts, TikTok, the biggest social media platform, provides entertaining video clips and short video forms in an endless feed. But the countries, including the U.S, considered banning the TikTok platform late this summer due to privacy concerns. So that  Instagram had fully launched new video editing and audio editing features that are similar quite to TikTok. This new group of a feature on mobile, which can be accessed in the section of stories in the Instagram app, dubbed has been a Reels on Instagram. Other things from the users to allowing video recording with overlays of audio and recording videos with sounds, the editors of the Reels and the camera of the Reels and also includes the some of the below points:

MORE TOOLS FOR EDITING:  these tools will include effects like augmented reality, the ability to slow down the videos, transitions, and the ability to speed up the videos.

ATTRIBUTION OF THE AUDIO: if a creator uploads the audio with native music, others can overlay the music in their own videos, then the original user’s account is credited by the app for it.

STITCHABLE TAKES: it will enable the users to share their videos with a combination of quicker takes or a just one and only take.

SHAREABILITY ON YOUR PROFILE, YOUR INSTAGRAM STORIES, INSTAGRAM EXPLORE, AND INSTAGRAM FEED: you can share Reels on Instagram with your followers and friends on your profile, or your stories depend upon your profile’s privacy settings, or otherwise Reels area on the Explore page publicly.

MARKETERS NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE REELS ON INSTAGRAM: unlike the stories and profiles on Instagram, you cannot upload Reels and view Reels on a desktop. Ads are not supported in the area of Reels in the Explore page on Instagram.  But the Reels will show up on the app’s public part, and everyone can see your Reels even though if you do not follow your business and brands that have the way to reach new audiences across the world. The short form of video feature on Instagram is popularly known as Reels. The sound option will enable you to add a sound which is recorded already from the Reels featured song or users. Reels will allow you to use various kinds of effects and filters, and stickers.

Understanding The Algorithm Of TikTok [2020 Guide]

Over the years, social media networks updated their algorithms many times to show your content effectively and to direct the targeted audience to your content. 

Now there is a new kid for social media networks, TikTok. TikTok and its algorithm make your content go viral easier than any other social media network.


“What’s like that in the world of TikTok?” I hear you lament.

If you are a person of over 45+ age (or you were hiding under a rock last year), TikTok has reached the top in the app ranking with above 740 million downloads in 2019 alone. TikTok allows its users to create, post, watch and share the short-term creative video content that raised their level tremendously and gears up the social app experience to the next level.

The exact reason for their success is to be the fantastic spot for showing the video contents posted by the people you know/ your friends and the content that is waved “For You.”

When you open the app, “For You” is the first page you see, which contains numerous videos that make you laugh, enjoy, and learn. It is the success of TikTok, and it is social entertainment, not social media.

How does it work?

To calculate every video quality that is uploaded on TikTok, it is using Machine Learning software. Everybody knows that the content leads to success, and this matches for TikTok also. Great content = Success in social media.

When you post a video on TikTok, it shows it to a few people between trending and popular videos. A user won’t get bored with these algorithms. Then, the algorithm checks how many views your video gets and the video comments, shares, and likes it gets. Best videos with massive engagements become viral and hook the people to watch more and more. Mainly, feedback for the videos drives more traffic. With these facts, buy TikTok comments which progress your video authenticity and to receive more audience for your TikTok videos and profile.  

The TikTok ratio users or brand wishes one like for every ten viewers. It generates the algorithm to bring out more traffic to your content. The algorithm is triggered by the engagements it gets. Content on TikTok stops growing when your content gets less than a 1/10 ratio of likes to views. The best part of the TikTok community is that one needs not to have plenty of followers to make videos viral. The best content is enough, and anyone can create and post a video on TikTok getting vast views through this algorithm.

So, how good will goodness be?

TikTok uses AI apart from the other apps like Snapchat and Instagram to determine how good your content is, and it helps your video to rank in the scale of 1/10 likes to views ratio. Adding to this, your video content on TikTok gets a high distribution rate when it attains a high percentage of completion. The velocity terms of your videos tend to increase; the distribution rate automatically increases as well.

TikTok has reached its place perfectly among the social media app elite. Download and start to create & post your marvelous content if you are not able to pay attention. 

Use Instagram Stories To Increase Your Marketing Strategy

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms to grow your business. These contain 500 million users every day. Stories are the hottest topic of Instagram. These include pictures, videos, GIFs, etc. You post any story on your account, it will be viewed on one day. You wish to save yours then your followers want to watch later.

Instagram Marketing

If you have to reach your business through online, Instagram is the best platform while posting stories. This is the best advantage to grow your marketing strategy. You can post more interesting stories related to your products or business every day. It helps to increase your brand awareness, gain more customers, and increase traffic. If you can start a new business, first you make your unique brand logo then you will post your logo on all social media platforms. This is one way to increase more customers and sell your product online easily. 

Hashtags On Instagram

Compared to other social media, posts are an important role to reach your goals. Use more hashtags on your stories to increase more followers on your Instagram account. For Instagram users, hashtags are the most important role in your story. Before you post a story on Instagram you know that your story is related to your product or business. Make some unique hashtags connected to your business and use those tags repeatedly on your stories. 30 hashtags are the best to promote your brand easily on Instagram customers. 

More number of active users

Instagram is the biggest visual platform to grow your business easily. There are more active users every day. Instagram is the top level of all social media platforms. After Facebook, Instagram has more active users. More people live in this Instagram world. In this updated world, everything is online. This is the best way to achieve your goals and make success in your business. 

Increase More Traffic

Stories create more attention from more active users day by day. Create more attractive stories and then post anytime. It is used to create more followers and views. Traffic is the most significant part of Instagram. Business accounts look for the best way to increase their business within a short time. You have a personal or business account, traffic is important to increase your views. But you have fewer followers, getting more traffic is difficult which can be resolved using Instagram story views. This is one kind of idea to grow your traffic. Buy Instagram story views has the best way to increase the traffic to your profile and increase your popularity within a short period. If you can buy Instagram story views, it helps to increase your views and reach your brand around the world. 

Add More Links To Instagram Stories

If you have more Instagram followers, Instagram allows you to add a link to your stories. It is used to receive the costumes directly on your business website. This gives more opportunity to get more Instagram followers and views. Add more links on your stories and post them regularly is the chance of gaining more customers on your Instagram business account. Instagram gives a big opportunity to target your followers all over the world at any time of the day.

5 Proven & Strategic Methods That Increase Retweets

All marketers want to increase the number of retweets to get maximum reach on Twitter. Many people feel this is quite difficult but in reality this can be achieved with little research and effort. This article includes some proven methods that improve the number of rewteets.

Characters That Favor Retweets

Content with one or more hashtags increased the chances of getting retweeted by more than 50%. Adding the right number of relevant hashtags can help more audiences see your tweets and like and share them as well. If you are totally fresh toTwitter, it is best to buy Twitter retweets to get instant attention from people because your account may not have enough followers to retweet your content. A best twitter practice is to use 3 or less hashtags in a tweet which makes it more easy for users to read. Tweets with quotation marks make up for 30% of retweets than those with no quotation marks. 

Photo sharing Ideas

It is important for marketers to use photos effectively to increase the effectiveness of Twitter. Adding images to tweets that were posted earlier can revamp the tweets and get more engagement. Never include images from Instagram and Facebook as they suppress retweets by more than 40%. and 50% respectively.

CTA Tips

There are some top phrases which you can add as captions on CTAs to increase retweets. “Please help” and “Please retweet” are some phrases which increased retweets by more than 100%. Be sure to convey your message clearly to your audience even when you use very less number of characters in your tweet. Avoid using abbreviations like RT for retweet because it is not good social media etiquette. Use a subtle tone while promoting your brand or product.

Tweet Length Matters

Tweets with roughly up to 120 characters have more chances to get retweeted. Remember it is a good practice to allow people to include their handle whenever they retweet. Tweets must contain enough subject matter for your audience, which means a tweet should have atleast 100 to 115 characters to get more retweets. Tweets with more than 120 characters are very less likely to get more retweets.

Different people use different strategies to boost the reach of every tweet. All you need to do is carry out thorough research to get the maximum number of retweets to gain engagement.

Best Practices To YouTube Thumbnail

Are you going to upload excellent content on YouTube? Get more traffic to your content on YouTub by setting up the eye-catching thumbnail. 

The thumbnails for your content are very important, as your video content title. Thumbnail attracts the viewer’s attention to watch your videos. A video thumbnail is a dominant factor to brief your great content in a single image. And also, it is like a book cover for the video contents.

If you have a blurry or dull image for your amazing video content, most people will refuse to watch it. And if you have a strong thumbnail, you will get more clicks for your videos on YouTube.

From this article, we will share about preferred thumbnail sizes for YouTube and some best practices.

YouTube thumbnails in 2020:

  • Correct size – 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Ratio – 16:9
  • Min width – 640 pixels
  • Max image size – 2MB
  • Accepted image types – BMP, GIF, JPG, or PNG.

These are required and recommended sizes of thumbnails for the YouTube contents. Then, how do you drive excess traffic to your content? Superb question! Here are the simple points you need to remember while making thumbnails for your content.

Best practices for YouTube thumbnail:

     Keep it handy:

Thumbnails on YouTube are small. And it appears even smaller when viewed on a mobile phone. More people use mobile phones to watch YouTube videos, and in research, it reveals over a billion mobile views acquired on weekdays. So. it is necessary to avoid the smaller texts and even too much of texts. 

Give your title in a short & attractable way or content related image as your thumbnail. Buy YouTube likes to make your video popular and reach higher on YouTube search results.

     Use contrasting colors:

Most people make this mistake that black text on the dark background or text on the light background. It does not attract the people, and also the words won’t be visible at all. Use the contrast colors for your YouTube content to stand out from others.

     Pay attention while placing the logo:

Adding logos to the thumbnails is a great effort. It increases your brand visibility. After this, it is more important where your logo should be placed. First, don’t make your logo big. Don’t hide the thumbnail message and also don’t make your logo too small.

Placing your logo image at the corner of the thumbnail works well. Avoid the bottom right corner because it’s the area for displaying your video’s length for viewers. If you place your logo at the bottom right corner, it will hide the viewers’ video length and look unprofessional.

     Don’t include irrelevant images:

Please don’t use the clickbait trick because no one likes it. That’s why it is more important to deliver the right message from your thumbnails. If you fail, then it will hurt your brand. YouTube stops showing your video contents in search results if you have a high bounce rate for your videos.

The primary purpose of the thumbnail is to provide context. So using an irrelevant image that people refuse to watch won’t value your videos. Getting the critical part of your video and making them as your video thumbnail is a good idea to move. Your thumbnail must look like a teaser for your content. It attracts the vast audience to click on your content.