Understanding The Algorithm Of TikTok [2020 Guide]

Over the years, social media networks updated their algorithms many times to show your content effectively and to direct the targeted audience to your content. 

Now there is a new kid for social media networks, TikTok. TikTok and its algorithm make your content go viral easier than any other social media network.


“What’s like that in the world of TikTok?” I hear you lament.

If you are a person of over 45+ age (or you were hiding under a rock last year), TikTok has reached the top in the app ranking with above 740 million downloads in 2019 alone. TikTok allows its users to create, post, watch and share the short-term creative video content that raised their level tremendously and gears up the social app experience to the next level.

The exact reason for their success is to be the fantastic spot for showing the video contents posted by the people you know/ your friends and the content that is waved “For You.”

When you open the app, “For You” is the first page you see, which contains numerous videos that make you laugh, enjoy, and learn. It is the success of TikTok, and it is social entertainment, not social media.

How does it work?

To calculate every video quality that is uploaded on TikTok, it is using Machine Learning software. Everybody knows that the content leads to success, and this matches for TikTok also. Great content = Success in social media.

When you post a video on TikTok, it shows it to a few people between trending and popular videos. A user won’t get bored with these algorithms. Then, the algorithm checks how many views your video gets and the video comments, shares, and likes it gets. Best videos with massive engagements become viral and hook the people to watch more and more. Mainly, feedback for the videos drives more traffic. With these facts, buy TikTok comments which progress your video authenticity and to receive more audience for your TikTok videos and profile.  

The TikTok ratio users or brand wishes one like for every ten viewers. It generates the algorithm to bring out more traffic to your content. The algorithm is triggered by the engagements it gets. Content on TikTok stops growing when your content gets less than a 1/10 ratio of likes to views. The best part of the TikTok community is that one needs not to have plenty of followers to make videos viral. The best content is enough, and anyone can create and post a video on TikTok getting vast views through this algorithm.

So, how good will goodness be?

TikTok uses AI apart from the other apps like Snapchat and Instagram to determine how good your content is, and it helps your video to rank in the scale of 1/10 likes to views ratio. Adding to this, your video content on TikTok gets a high distribution rate when it attains a high percentage of completion. The velocity terms of your videos tend to increase; the distribution rate automatically increases as well.

TikTok has reached its place perfectly among the social media app elite. Download and start to create & post your marvelous content if you are not able to pay attention.