Best Practices To YouTube Thumbnail

Are you going to upload excellent content on YouTube? Get more traffic to your content on YouTub by setting up the eye-catching thumbnail. 

The thumbnails for your content are very important, as your video content title. Thumbnail attracts the viewer’s attention to watch your videos. A video thumbnail is a dominant factor to brief your great content in a single image. And also, it is like a book cover for the video contents.

If you have a blurry or dull image for your amazing video content, most people will refuse to watch it. And if you have a strong thumbnail, you will get more clicks for your videos on YouTube.

From this article, we will share about preferred thumbnail sizes for YouTube and some best practices.

YouTube thumbnails in 2020:

  • Correct size – 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Ratio – 16:9
  • Min width – 640 pixels
  • Max image size – 2MB
  • Accepted image types – BMP, GIF, JPG, or PNG.

These are required and recommended sizes of thumbnails for the YouTube contents. Then, how do you drive excess traffic to your content? Superb question! Here are the simple points you need to remember while making thumbnails for your content.

Best practices for YouTube thumbnail:

     Keep it handy:

Thumbnails on YouTube are small. And it appears even smaller when viewed on a mobile phone. More people use mobile phones to watch YouTube videos, and in research, it reveals over a billion mobile views acquired on weekdays. So. it is necessary to avoid the smaller texts and even too much of texts. 

Give your title in a short & attractable way or content related image as your thumbnail. Buy YouTube likes to make your video popular and reach higher on YouTube search results.

     Use contrasting colors:

Most people make this mistake that black text on the dark background or text on the light background. It does not attract the people, and also the words won’t be visible at all. Use the contrast colors for your YouTube content to stand out from others.

     Pay attention while placing the logo:

Adding logos to the thumbnails is a great effort. It increases your brand visibility. After this, it is more important where your logo should be placed. First, don’t make your logo big. Don’t hide the thumbnail message and also don’t make your logo too small.

Placing your logo image at the corner of the thumbnail works well. Avoid the bottom right corner because it’s the area for displaying your video’s length for viewers. If you place your logo at the bottom right corner, it will hide the viewers’ video length and look unprofessional.

     Don’t include irrelevant images:

Please don’t use the clickbait trick because no one likes it. That’s why it is more important to deliver the right message from your thumbnails. If you fail, then it will hurt your brand. YouTube stops showing your video contents in search results if you have a high bounce rate for your videos.

The primary purpose of the thumbnail is to provide context. So using an irrelevant image that people refuse to watch won’t value your videos. Getting the critical part of your video and making them as your video thumbnail is a good idea to move. Your thumbnail must look like a teaser for your content. It attracts the vast audience to click on your content.