How To Make It To The TikTok For You Page

Every TikTok user can see different videos on their For You page based on the topics or videos that they watched in the past.  It is really amazing how the TikTok algorithm works to show a different set of videos for each user.  The algorithm sieves through the watch history, analyzes thoroughly the type of content that has been watched till now and presents the perfect curated content for each user. Here are some tips on how to get your TikTok videos on the For You page of more users on TikTok.

TikTok Algorithm

It is important to deeply understand the TikTok algorithm if you want to get to The For You page.There are a few things you should remember if you want to create a video that will go viral.

Interactions:  You need to create more content because the more you create, higher are the chances more people will see you. Only when more people watch your videos, you will get likes, views and shares which are the key aspects of engagement. 

Video Information: Using relevant hashtags to your video, adding the right music, precise captions are all things you should do to increase the chances of getting your video on the for You page.

Settings:  It is vital that you set the correct location, country, language and device since all these are main factors that influence your video to appear on the For You page.  

Post Quality Content

Users will naturally skip your videos if they are blurry and lack clarity. When you create high quality content, users will naturally love to stay engaged and would keep an eye for what you post.  Also, being consistent with the aesthetics will bring more views for your videos. In addition to this, you can choose the best site to buy TikTok likes of high quality for your videos and increase their visibility. People who watch your videos for the first time are more likely to follow you on seeing the high quality of your video.

Produce Engaging Content

Though fun is a key element that your video must include, relevancy should be given top priority. Focus on relevancy while creating content on trending topics like dance and music.   Just involve in creating the kind of content that will make followers stick to your profile all the time. 

Trends and Challenges

On TikTok, some videos trend longer and some just last for a few days or weeks. Posting challenges is a great way to gain momentum and visibility.  There are several challenges that went viral on TikTok with the number of views crossing millions. Lip-sync videos are a great way to get your video on the For You page.  

Add Trending Music To Videos

TikTok allows you  to add music, effects and background music to videos while editing videos. When such elements are added to a video the video naturally gains engagement .

Interact with other TikTokers

It is human to reciprocate. Sending likes and comments for others videos is a great way to receive all terms of engagement  – likes, and comments for your videos. You can increase the momentum of your TikTok profile by posting replies to comments. Make sure that the topic on which you create a video is damn interesting so that the audience can’t wait to watch your next piece of video. 

Final Words

Note that a video strategy that works on YouTube might not work on TikTok. Compared to other social channels, TikTok has a majority of Gen Z audience and so you have to make videos that the majority of people will be attracted to. When you make videos the unique way, you can become viral on TikTok.