How To Jumpstart Your IGTV Strategy:6 Handy Tricks

Instagram Tv or IGTV is the modernistic feature on Instagram. It is almost a game-changer feature on Instagram. This new edition has converted the photo-sharing app into a video-sharing one. It is an independent app, which is entangled with the Instagram app. It allows the users to upload videos for up to one hour. It is good news for marketers to create engaging videos about their business. Marketers use this stage to withstand their business presence. Whether you are a brand or a content creator, it helps to hold a unique identity for their outcome. 

In this article, let us spot a few strategies to improve your IGTV channel. 

Identify Your Audience

You may already have your Instagram followers; sure, they will also engage in your IGTV channel right. If you like to grow your IGTV channel, you need to find your target audience. First, try to collect demographics for your followers; it’s easy for you to find your target audience with that data. Sure, if you search on that demographic, you will be able to reach your target audience effortlessly. 

Create Pocket-Size Video 

Remember, only verified users can upload one hour video; it’s 15 seconds to 10 minutes for regular users. It is best to keep a pocket-size video because most of the audience prefers to engage with short videos. Moreover, if you create lengthy videos, the audience may lose interest. Imagine, if you found a product review video for up to 9 minutes, would you like to tune in. Just produce a video for 2 to 5 minutes. If it’s necessary, you can extend your video length.

Post Behind-The-Scenes Video  

Generally, some pretty cool will take place in your office right, try to utilize it. If you spot anything, show off your audience, followers what’s happening behind the scenes. Trust me, this high-performing content, which receives maximum engagement. If you are looking forward to generating comments, then visit to maximize it. Your behind-the-scenes can be anything, from taking your audience to your office, interacting with your colleague, press meet, and more. 

Educate Your Audience 

Educating or tutorial form of video helps to bring more audience to your videos and the existing audience. You have plenty of different ways you can use your brand on “how-to” videos. It will find useful for your audience. You have a massive demand for DIY content, try to integrate it with your strategy. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you can create an effortless way to follow your recipes. If you are a fashion blogger, you can offer tips on outfit pairs. Depending on your channel and business, you have more ways to create content under this topic.

What About Promotional Or Product Launch Videos

Rather than your regular videos, posting promotional videos is worth promoting your product or brands. Here, you can show off your new product and have enticing team members. In that promotion video, try to reveal overlooked features, services of your product. This content is effective because it will entertain your audience and also impress your current audience.

Subtitle Is Must 

Did you know? Most of the audience likes to watch the video without any sound. It is best to add proper subtitles for your content. It helps the audience to understand your video more deeply. It will make your content user-friendly.

Winding Up

Using IGTV, you can either entertain or educate your audience. The feature is new, so markers have more chances to make their mark. With the little panning and right strategy, IGTV can be beneficial tools to grow your social media presence. I hope this tip helps to grow your IGTV channel. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.