Instagram carries on with rebellion the social media network kingdom with its video and photo sharing capabilities. The Instagram story implementation is one of its most significant blows and remains very applicable with every of the latest features being published. You can also upgrade your followers and fans on what you are doing at some moment with Instagram stories. You can also post stories on Instagram to form a vertical photo or a short-form video, which vanishes in twenty-four hours. You, too, can retain a trace of who views your stories. Buying Instagram story views helps you to gain more views for your story. And in front of your Instagram profile, you can even add your Instagram story as an Instagram story Highlight. 

A large number of brands and businesses are using Instagram stories. The dimensions of the Instagram story are 1080 pixel by 1920 pixel, which is an aspect proportion of 9:16. This means your Instagram story photo or video will have to be 1080px by 1920px in height. JPG. and PNG. are the supported file formats of images, and the image of your Instagram story requires to be less than  30MB in size.

Regarding the size, Instagram is very strict with your Instagram stories. And once you upload a video or photo to your Instagram story that does not make it suitable for the essential Instagram dimension, then the Instagram story will zoom or crop into your videos or pictures. This will cause a loss in content standard and sometimes most essential visuals or parts being cropped off.


If you are looking to add a simple video or photo to your Instagram story, all you have to do is take a vertical image or film a vertical video with your smartphone or camera.  Instagram stories are best because of how all around they are. You can use Instagram stories to keep your followers up to date, promote your brand, and sell products.  You can add a link to your Instagram story if you have a business profile with more than ten thousand followers. You can still promote your new posts if you are not a business. 

Behind the scenes (BTS) videos are the best way to gain more engagement; you can give what is within your business or happening in your daily life.  And also, teasers are the best way to build excitement for product releases or future content. 


The new feature of Instagram allows you to add a poll to your Instagram stories. You can ask your followers a question with a tap on the screen, and you can also see what answer your followers gave, and it tells you precisely who answered what. If you are trying to keep a particular style or look on your primary Instagram feed, it probably is not a good idea to repost videos or photos from your viewers or customers. For showcasing the content, Instagram stories are the eBay way. Per the individual Instagram story, you are limited to fifteen seconds, so consider posting high-quality content because it will help you to gain more exposure.